Yang to MS: Make us another offer, CNN holographic, Flickr hits 3bn pics, Motorola cuts jobs in India, Did Google predict the elections?

Yahoo CEO to Microsoft: Make us another offer
"To this day, I believe the best thing for Microsoftto do is to buy Yahoo" Yang said Wednesday evening at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco. Although he said there aren't any current talks, Yang stressed he and the rest of Yahoo Inc.'s board "remain open to everything" after a looming legal battle with the U.S. Justice Department prompted Google Inc. to abandon its rival.

How the CNN Holographic Interview System Works
A magic made possible from technology Vizrt and SportVu with the help of forty-four HD cameras and twenty computers.

Flickr Photo Count Hits 3 Billion
The 3 billionth photo was uploaded to Flickr yesterday, the company said on its blog. The site has grown just over 50% in 2008 — it was one year ago that the 2 billionth photo was uploaded. Facebook, however, is still the biggest photo-sharing site on the web, with over billion photos stored on the site. Photobucket is second, with 6.2 billion photos.
America's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008
Business Week - Meet tomorrow's moguls today. For this year's roundup of 25-and-unders, we had a record crop of nominations. Here are a few finalists
Did Google Predict The Election?
Numerous posts suggest SEO results provided insight into predicting the next President of the United States. By analyzing stats from Google Insights for Search, Aaron Goldman shed some light on who would win Tuesday's election. He began by comparing Obama and McCain query volumes. McCain demonstrated a clear lead about 90 days ago, but Obama, now president-elect, began to take the lead during the past 30 days.

Motorola confirms job cuts in India

Struggling US-based telecom equipment and mobile handset manufacturer, Motorola has reportedly confirmed to slash jobs in India as part of the company''s strategy to reduce its workforce around the globe by 3000. The move is likely to affect those employed for its mobile handset business. Reports say several engineers in India have been redeployed internally after the new CEO for handset division, Sanjay Jha decided to focus on only three software platforms for mobile phone development thereby outdoing the need of work for its four software platform subdivisions.




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