Twitter adds activity stream - Groupon admits it's unprofitable - Stumbleupon reaches 25 billion clicks

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Twitter adds an Activity Stream

Twitter is introducing two new activity-centric features Wednesday in a partial redesign of its web application.

The changes, designed to help users more easily discover what's happening on Twitter in relation to them, are reflected in two new tabs on "@[username]" and "Activity."

Groupon updates IPO filing, admits it's unprofitable
When Groupon filed in early June to go public, the daily deals company drew a barrage of criticism for its reliance on an unorthodox accounting practice that masked some of its losses. Bowing to the critics, Groupon amended its IPO filing on Wednesday to strip out the odd metric.

Groupon's initial IPO filing highlighted a nonstandard metric called "adjusted consolidated segment operating income." The unwieldy "ACSOI" stripped out Groupon's steep costs for marketing and acquiring new subscribers -- and it made a big difference in the numbers.

In Groupon's original filing, its ACSOI accounting showed operating income of $60.6 million for all of 2010 and $81.6 million for the first quarter of 2011.

Numbers in an updated filing Wednesday, which removed ACSOI and instead used only standard accounting procedures, were quite different. On that basis, Groupon incurred a $420 million operating loss for 2010 and a $117.1 million loss in the first quarter.

StumbleUpon Button Reaches 25 Billion Clicks
Social discovery tool StumbleUpon has reached a new milestone; its famous "Stumble" button has been clicked more than 25 billion times.

"Today we celebrate 25,000,000,000 clicks of the Stumble! button," StumbleUpon Community Manager Monica Semergiu said in a tweet.

News Corp Says It Lost $254 Million On MySpace

News Corp lost $254 million on MySpace, the company said as it reported revenue that beat analysts' expectations.The loss pushed News Corp.'s Q4 net income down 22 percent to $683 million.

Disappointed' Samsung Fights Apple In Dutch Court, Moto Named Too

Samsung and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) were set to square off in a court in the Netherlands on Wednesday, after a German court on Tuesday prevented the former from selling its newest Galaxy Tab everywhere else in Europe. Meanwhile, it also has emerged that Motorola (NYSE: MMI) is also named in Apple's Samsung complaint.

The Dusseldorf court had slapped an injunction on Samsung while it works through the details of Apple's iPad copycat lawsuit against the Korean consumer electronics giant.

Update: Another interesting development has also emerged around this story. Looking through the details of the Samsung complaint, the blog Foss Patentshas discovered that another arch competitor is also named:, and specifically the Xoom tablet.

Nokia Says Windows Phone 7 Will Make iOS and Android Outdated

Nokia plans to fight back against the other two dominant platforms with its next generation of smartphones, which will run Microsoft's Windows Phone 7operating system. The company isphasing out its once-dominant smartphone lines from the U.S. market in preparation. Windows Phone OS is a natural choice for Nokia to distinguish its phones from the leading competitors because its underlying structure is different.

Hackers hit Blackberry over riots

A hacker group has attacked Blackberry's website after the company said it would assist police investigating riots.

Fastest cities - China:100mn mob apps - Commerce on pads

State of the Internet: What are the fastest cities in the world

China Has 100 Million Mobile App Users And Apple Wants More

Total mobile users:

920 million

Broadband internet subscribers:

140 million (+24.6%)

3G users:

80+ million

Registered app store users:

100+ million (+257% yoy)

Mobile payments users:

35 million (+195% yoy)

Video subscribers:

35 million

The data suggests a tenth of Chinese mobile subscribers are registered to an app store, but smartphones are a minority of the circulated handsets.

Sidestepping Apple: From Amazon to Cond?? Nast, Companies Rethink App Strategies

Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble all removed the stores from their iOS applications on Monday, as well as any hyperlinks to or mentions of their online stores. Google Books — recently announced distribution and retail partner for the new multiplatform Harry Potter e-books — is simply gone from the App Store, without explanation from either Apple or Google, although possibly a revised app may be forthcoming.

Mozilla Plans Chrome OS Rival Aimed At Phones, Tablets

Mozilla announced plans Monday to develop a Web-based mobile operating system of its own called Boot To Gecko. It's a very similar concept to what Google  has espoused for Chrome OS but will be aimed at phones and tablets as opposed to the netbooks Google has targeted with its project.

The New Catalog? Online Shopping On Tablets Growing

About half of all tablet owners prefer using that device to shop as opposed to their smartphone, Forrester said Monday. Smartphones have changed the way that retailers think about selling their wares because they can be used in the store to augment the experience, but tablets are different: 80 percent of those surveyed by Forrester use their tablets most often in their living rooms or family rooms

Netflix & Facebook integration held up by Congress

Led by LinkedIn, Social Recruiting Continues to Grow [Infographic]

Angry Birds maker in patent suit