India - Reliance launches gaming portal

Reliance India launches a gaming portal in beta -

Intel: Wooing Business Via the Web

The investment arm of the chip giant is gathering some of the smartest innovators from Web 2.0 to create a suite of publishing, posting, and newsgathering programs

Business Week article

Google gives publishers a new search tool

GOOGLE TUESDAY UNVEILED A NEW product that will allow publishers to create tailor-made search engines for their sites.

The tool will allow publishers to put query boxes on their sites and also choose which sites Google indexes for the customized search engine. Publishers can choose to only include their own sites, or can expand the index to any sites in their industry--including sites operated by competitors.

AOL to start operations in India

AOL to enter the Indian market. This is an interesting development. AOL is good with content. Let's see how they shake up the online media landscape with new content. Read more

Online video, gaming and ISPs

The dotcom bust witnessed the collapse of many ISPs who had invested millions on building their bandwidth infrastructure. With Youtube in the limelight and video, gaming, podcasting becoming increasingly popular, ISPs need to take a call on whether they beef up their infrastructure or just wait on a little longer to see if it's just a bubble waiting to burst. Video sites like Youtube dont really have a sustainable business model at this point of time, but are banking on the sheer weight of their consumer base and popularity.

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Is Newscorp Digg ing?

Techcrunch reported that Rupert Murdoch might be looking at popular social content aggregation site

Yahoo searches for Video Talent

On the heels of the recent acquisition of Youtube by google, Yahoo seems to be keen on some action in this space. Yahoo plans to create a show around viral content, and has given its users eight weeks to submit and vote on videos to find the show's host. The effort began with a talent search this week housed at .