IAB appoints Head of Mobile, Firefox- 20% mkt share, FCC votes on White spaces, Google to pay agency commissions, .tel domains

Firefox Reaches 20% Market Share for First Time Ever For the first time in either a weekly or monthly period, Firefox surpassed 20% worldwide market share (according to Net Applications).

FCC Votes On Election Day For White Spaces, Clearwire-Sprint Deal And Verizon-Alltel Merger
In a critical day for the wireless industry, the FCC made three sweeping decisions today, pushing through two mergers and the approval of the controversial white spaces issue, which will allow for an alternative U.S. wireless broadband network. Perhaps, the Republican-led FCC felt it could spend all of its political capital today, especially if the outcome of today's presidential race ends up turning over the White House to the Democrats. Also read the article on Mediapost

Google to pay agencies commission for video ads
Google is to start paying agencies commission on video advertising in a bid to boost ad revenues from its video properties, including YouTube.
Tony Samios, Chief Operating Officer, Steak Group, said: "When it comes to online video conventional 30 second TV adverts are just not going to cut it. The viewer experience is different, even if the media format is similar. Expect shorter ads, and ones that enhance user experience by introducing them to new products or other users with common likes or dislikes, to prove most successful."

New .tel domain goes up for grabs

Domain name management specialist NetNames is accepting applications for .tel from its customers, ahead of the new domain's initial launch on 3rd December.

IAB appoints first head of mobile
The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has appointed Jonathan Mew, former Orange head of marketing, as its first head of mobile. Mew has been enlisted to champion the medium and further educate advertisers and agencies on its potential.




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