Pepsi music on myspace, Yahoo ends live streaming, Dunkin goes Twitter, Google patches Android security flaw, FCC to go ahead with white space, Yahoo - Google deal revised

Mindshare launches Pepsi music on MySpace
Mindshare has launched Pepsi Maxcast, a unique music destination on MySpace. The project marks the first work from Invention - the newly formed creative group within Mindshare - since the arrival of Michaelides & Bednash.
Orca Interactive and BCC Company Partner to Deliver IPTV in Russia
The highly customizable solution has already been deployed by the Russian regional incumbent operators North-West Telecom, Siberia Telecom and Southern Telecommunications Company, and Orca and BCC plan to continue marketing the new offering throughout Russia, thus opening up the currently isolated IPTV services to the masses. The move also marks Orca's entrance into the Russian wholesale market, representing a new revenue driver for the middleware company.

Yahoo! Brickhouse Ends Live Streaming Video Experiment

When Yahoo! launched its live video streaming service, Y! Live, to the world earlier this year, it was admittedly an "experiment in live video" designed to elicit feedback from the market. Today, Yahoo! has decided that the experiment has received enough feedback - or perhaps too little. They're going to be closing the service down on December 3.
Dunkin' Donuts goes Twitter
Dunkin' Donuts recently became one of the latest consumer brands to have an official page on Twitter.What spurred the quick-serve restaurant to put up a page?

"Twitter is an opportunity for Dunkin' Donuts to engage directly, in real time, with people of all ages who are fans of our brand, or even just rely on a cup of coffee to keep themselves running," says Manager of Interactive Marketing David Tryder. "We saw a fast-growing social media outlet where users were excited to have their favorite brands present."

Digital Signage Biz To Boom
According to the forecast from ABI Research, the overall U.S. market for digital signage software, hardware, installation and management services is poised to grow from $641 million in 2008 to $1.4 billion by 2013, an increase of almost 120% in five years.
Burger King To Launch Branded Clothing
The fast food giant will soon launch a line of BK-branded T -shirts, an exclusive collection of men's sleepwear and loungewear, and government-operated and authorized instant lottery tickets and merchandise.

Heavy traffic ahead for news websites
Yahoo News, one of the most highly trafficked news websites, will simulcast video coverage from ABC News Now on election night, but the site is expecting a Wednesday traffic surge. In 2004, Yahoo had 80 million page views on Election Day, and that number jumped to 142 million the next day. Yahoo expects to double or possibly triple those numbers for this year's election.
Google patches Android security flaw
The patch fixes the highly publicized security problem with Android's Web browser and makes a few other minor changes, according to a Google spokesman quoted in IT World on Friday.

FCC Expected To Forge Ahead With White Spaces Vote

The Federal Communications Commission has indicated that it is likely to vote Tuesday to approve the unlicensed use of the white space spectrum for wireless broadband. But that hasn't stopped TV broadcasters and other opponents of the plan from barraging the agency with last-minute objections arguing that allowing unlicensed devices on vacant radio airwaves will cause interference with TV signals or wireless microphones.
Why Isn't Print Media Going After Google?
With all the media layoffs last week, one of the most important items got lost: Google settling a lawsuit brought by book publishers over the digitization of their publications. Google will pay $125 million to the plaintiffs, and a pricing protocol will be established to continue the scanning of books and making them available online. So why aren't newspapers and magazines going after Google for making their content available for free online via its powerful search engine? After all, Google has just conceded, with a very large payment, that information is not free, and newspapers and magazines are struggling.

Android Market approaching 3 million download mark

Closing in on two weeks since Google launched its Android Market virtual storefront, mobile ad firm Medialets reports that as of Oct. 29, 167 mobile applications have been downloaded somewhere between 667,000 and 2.9 million times, with 41 apps accounting for 73 percent to 83 percent of all downloads. Two applications--Namco's Pac-Man and The Weather Channel--yielded the most total downloads, both coming in between the 50,000 and 250,000 benchmarks.
Yahoo-Google Deal Revised To Appease Regulators
Amid mounting pressure from U.S. regulators, Google and Yahoo have revised the terms of their proposed search agreement, which includes shortening the length of the partnership to two years from 10, and capping the total revenue Yahoo can earn from the deal to 25% of what the company earns from search. There was no cap previously. Advertisers would also now be able to opt out of having their ads placed on Yahoo sites. Regulators, meanwhile, have been building a case to block the pact amid concerns from online industry advertisers and associations that the deal would give Google an unfair monopoly in online advertising. It's unknown whether the changes are enough to appease regulators or advertisers concerned about rising keyword prices, the Journal said. Yahoo, whose stock has fallen 45% this year, needs the deal to protect its independence, or at the very least, its search business, from falling into the hands of Microsoft, which is keen to better its position in search.


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