Search Marketing 2008, Beer ads on google, Web influences Toy purchases, Engaging kids, Nokia to slash workforce, JP Morgan cuts advt forecast

Beer Ads (Quietly) Appear on Google
Google has retracted its ban on beer search ads on AdWords. Advertisers are now free to bid on beer-oriented keywords.
JP Morgan cut its online advertising forecast for the 2nd time in as many months
The revision results from "further slowdown in the economy," according to the JP Morgan team, which slashed its 2008 forecast from 28% to 25%, and its prediction for 2009 from 19% to 13%, writesMediaBuyerPlanner.
Websites Influence Most Toy Purchasers
Over half of recent toy purchasers say manufacturer and store websites have had some influence on their buying decision, according to the Fall 2008 Ad-ologyMedia Influence on Consumer Choice survey, Retailer Daily reports.

Engaging Kids In Multimedia Platforms
The 7 Elements of Media Design for Engagement of 6- To-12-Year-Olds
Search Marketing Fact Pack 2008
Industry Overview Pages 2-3. Engine Profiles Pages 4-8. Keyword Use by Category Pages 9-17. Buying Words Page 18. Analytics, Consumer Behavior and Adoption Page 19-21. Local Search Pages 23-24. Mobile Pages 25-26. Agencies Pages 27-30. Questions?

Nokia to slash Sales and Marketing work force by almost 600
"As a follow-up to Nokia''s reorganisation in the beginning of 2008, Nokia plans further changes in its sales and marketing activities in the markets unit," said Nokia. Nokia estimates that approximately 450 employees, maximum 100 in Finland, in the markets unit will be affected by the planned changes," added a company statement.


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