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Yahoo!'s Five Biggest Mistakes 
The Web portal's employees open up (a little) about the company's problems.  
Aborted Projects, Missing the Google Express, Hiring Terry Semel, Failing to Click With DoubleClick, Not Bonding With Ballmer 

Attention, online shoppers! This may be the last holiday season you can dodge sales taxes by buying presents on the Web. (Admit it, you do this.) State legislators, retailers and lawyers say 2009 may be the year Internet taxes finally come to pass.

Comscore released the results of a series of studies conducted this year that suggest online ads are more similar to print ads than previously thought. Looking at data from 200 separate studies of consumer behavior, comScore found readers were 46% more likely to visit an advertiser's site within four weeks of seeing its ad online than they were if they did not view an ad. The percentage of site visits is higher the closer it is to the date of ad viewing.

Similarly, the data say it becomes 38% more likely that a Web surfer will search for an advertiser's name with a search engine like Google within four weeks of a seeing an online ad. "Display ads, even without the clicks, are able to drive visitation to an advertiser's Web site," says Fulgoni.

Main BBC channels go live on net BBC shows including EastEnders, Heroes and Never Mind The Buzzcocks will be available to watch live online from next week, the BBC has announced. BBC One and BBC Two will be streamed live - just as BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies and BBC News are already broadcast on their channel websites. 

Motrin is getting its money's worth. In reaction to this past weekend's mommy blogger debacle which had babywearing moms rebelling against the company for its apparent belittling of the mommy/baby bonding practice, Motherhood Uncensored it out with a spoof of the notorious Motrin Babywearing ad. The spoof, in perfect homage to the original, advocates for women adopting yet another "fad," the boob job. And no matter what kind of type of boob job a woman gets or how big she gets them, Motrin will be there for her just like it was for al those women who engage in the "fad" known as babywearing.

Some consumers are opting for the inexpensive, small, Web-connected computers in place of laptops that can cost three times as much . Sumit Agnihotry, director of notebook product marketing for Acer America, places cannibalization at 8% to 10%. And since netbooks are generally less profitable than their bigger cousins, manufacturers will have to make up much of the sales difference through higher volume sales of netbooks. Users are expected to purchase 11 million netbooks this year, from 182,000 in 2007, according to market researcher IDC. 

Google had a large majority of search market share in October, accounting for 71.70% of all U.S. online searches conducted in the four weeks ending November 1, 2008, while Yahoo Search, MSN Search and received 17.74%, 5.40% and 3.53%, respectively, according to October data from Hitwise, MarketingCharts reports.

Marketers to Up Spending in Cable, Online, Mobile in Next 6 Months 
Over the next six months, not only will ad spending be down, but the feeling among advertisers and their agencies toward media such as broadcast TV, national newspapers and magazines is growing more pessimistic. The dreary outlook is courtesy of the new Advertiser Optimism Report by Advertiser Perceptions. But while the outlook is somewhat bleak for the aforementioned ad media, others like online, cable TV and mobile are likely to attract more of marketers' money.

Comscore October E-Commerce Numbers Paint Dire Picture for Holidays 
Online spending grew by just 1 percent in October compared to the same month a year ago, the lowest monthly growth rate since ComScore started tracking such numbers in 2001. The worst performance came from lower-income families; households making less than $50,000 a year exhibited negative growth over last year.

Google, P&G Swap Workers to Spur Innovation  
Closer ties are crucial to both sides. P&G, the biggest advertising spender in the world, is waking up to the reality that the next generation of laundry-detergent, toilet-paper and skin-cream buyers now spends more time online than watching TV. Google craves a bigger slice of P&G's $8.7 billion annual ad pie as its own revenue growth slows. "We're trying to open the eyes of our brand managers," says P&G's digital innovation manager, Stan Joosten. When actress Salma Hayek unveiled an ambitious promotion for P&G's Pampers brand last April, the Google team was stunned to learn that Pampers hadn't invited any "motherhood" bloggers to attend the press conference, Ellen Bryon reports. In response, P&G invited a dozen or so bloggers to visit P&G's baby division in Cincinnati in July.

Microsoft Working on Free Vaccine for Windows Viruses code-named Morro 
It's no secret that - as the most widely deployed operating system - Microsoft Windows has the ignoble distinction of being the primary target of virus and malware developers everywhere.Microsoft is proposing to solve that problem with a new antivirus package. The product, code-named Morro, is slated to hit the market late next year. It will offer protection for viruses, spyware, rootkits, and trojans. Even more important? It will offer that protection for free. Designed to protect XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems, Morro will be based on functionality that already exists in other Microsoft virus solutions:

Ad Industry React: No Quick Fixes Expected For Post-Yang Yahoo 
"The zenith of Yahoo's relationship with advertisers was when Wenda was there. Both she and Dan had highly commercial mindsets and realized the value of the 'big reach meeting big brand' concept of Internet ad space.

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