Crowdsourced PCs, Chrome ver 3 released, Ads on twitter, Motorola ditches Symbian, Comscore to track Widgets

Intel, ASUS and FM Team Up to Create 'Crowdsourced' PCs The three partners yesterday launched a site called to solicit the public's idea on what the ideal computer would look like. Visitors to the site can upload their own ideas or discuss and vote on what others say. Sometime next year, Intel will review the proposals and produce computers based on the most popular suggestions -- limited, of course, by what is actually possible (don't hold out hope for a laptop that predicts stock market fluctuations). Google releases Chrome Beta 3
Google blog says "Google Chrome version has been released. You will automatically get updated in the next few days. You can open About Google Chrome (from the wrench menu) to get the update at any time."
Selling ads on your twitter background using Magpie While Twitter has been less than forthcoming on how they plan to monetize their service, there is no shortage of ideas from third parties on ways to get paid for spending time with Twitter. From pay-to-tweet toselling off the real estate on your Twitter background, there are any number of ways you could be making money off the service. Now, there's another service that - much like RSS-based advertising - offers to pay you for advertisements that run in the midst of your tweet stream. Meet Magpie, an ad network for Twitter.To make money off of Magpie, you give the service access to your account. And then, you earn cash when they tweet advertisements on your behalf.
Motorola ditches Symbian, focuses on Android Motorola's co-CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed In Motorola's Q3 conference call this morning that it was streamlining its handset business to focus on three operating systems going forward—Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, and it's own P2K platform for low-cost handsets. Nielsen says Top Wireless Web Ad Destination Same As The Wired Web's: Yahoo Nic Covey, director of insights at Nielsen Mobile, gave a preview of the new Mobile AdRelevance database, a mobile version of Nielsen Online's online ad-tracking service AdRelevance, and said that Yahoo Games is the No. 1 ad-supported mobile Web destination, followed by sister verticals Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News. Microsoft's online ad agency Razorfish laid off 40 staff in its New York office
Citing a dropoff in business from the financial services sector. "Many companies, especially those in the financial services sector, have been hit hard by the economic crisis. This has had a direct impact on our business, particularly in New York," Razorfish spokeswoman Sally O'Dowd said. "As a result Razorfish had to lay off about 40 people today, about two percent of our work force." ComScore Ready to Track Widgets and Embeds
In an expansion of its core audience measurement service, ComScore says it can now track audience reach for widgets, embedded videos, and other distributed content.ComScore EVP Linda Boland Abraham said Thursday in a statement the new product rollout is a response to an emerging Web landscape where "content and advertising inventory [originate] outside the confines of the publisher's Web server."

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