Cox to go cellular, Security flaw in android, launches chat community, Nielsen delays controversial internet measurement test

Cox to Build Cellular Network
Cox Communications Inc. plans to add cellular services to its current bundle of offerings in a move for the cable-television provider to better compete with phone companies.
Google executives acknowledged the issue but said that the security features of the phone would limit the extent of damage that could be done by an intruder, compared with today's PCs and other cellphones. today launches a user-led chatroom, the first step in a six-month overhaul of the site designed to capitalise on the massive interest in financial news as markets collapse and recession looms across the world. The Long Room, named after a notorious but now closed City boozer, will be part of's popular Alphaville news and analysis strand and allows users - by invitation only - to begin and run their own discussions and upload files. late last week relaunched its video platform with a high-definition, wide-screen format, redesigned video library and individual playback pages for each video. The Times' new video platform rests on Brightcove's online video technology platform, Brightcove 3--which is designed to help the Times reach new audiences through SEO, and syndication, and improve streaming experiences.

Nielsen made two important announcements, including a decision to delay a controversial plan to begin measuring online media usage in some households that are part of its television "currency" panel. The second announcement was a disclosure that Nielsen has been grossly misestimating the household coverage for many smaller cable networks for years because it has not been able to identify when new, "digital tier" channels are added, or removed by satellite TV households.

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