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Comparison Shopping Engines Survey Report 2008 - see attachment
This DoubleClick-sponsored research is based on a survey of retailers and agencies carried out in August and September 2008, with the aim of understanding more about the use of comparison shopping engines.On average, retailers get 10% of their online sales through the comparison shopping channel and 43% of merchants surveyed say that this proportion has increased in the past year.

comScore Launches Extended Web Measurement
comScore says it has found a solution to an increasingly challenging proposition in the digital media business--how do you track the audience for content that travels all over the Internet?

Online Retail Traffic Down for Eighth Consecutive Week in the US

U.S. visits to online retail websites have declined for the eighth consecutive week: For the week ended Oct. 25 visits to a custom category of 500 retail websites declined 3% from a year earlier, according to data from Hitwise, an Experian company, writes Retailer Daily.

9 top tech flops prediction by CNN

G1, Zune, Macbook air, Sony Blu-ray DVD player, Spore videogame, Nikon D90, Navigon 7200 GPS, Vista Home premium, Sprint Wimax

Yoono Announces Support For IE, New Services the slick browser plugin that serves as both a social network aggregator and media hub, has announced its impending support for Internet Explorer which will be available on November 7th. In conjunction with the the new version, Yoono is also announcing integration with both imeem andMySpace, as well as a powerful new widget that will help the plugin monetize.

Google Now Indexes Scanned Documents
Google has announced that it will now begin including scanned documents in its search results - a feat that requires an immense amount of processing power and advanced image recognition technology. Unlike standard text documents, scanned files don't contain any text data that Google's spiders can index. Instead, Google has employed Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, converting photos of words into digital text files.
Justice Department approves Verizon-Alltel deal The U.S. Department of Justice has approved Verizon's proposed $28.1 billion acquisition of Alltel that the FCC is set to vote on on Nov. 4. Antitrust regulators at the Justice Department gave their assent to the deal--which, if approved, will create the nation's largest wireless operator--on the condition that Verizon divest 100 markets in 22 states where the two carriers now overlap. The Federal Communications Commission has to give final regulatory approval to the acquisition, which was first announced in June

Microsoft Document Editor Coming To The iPhone
DataViz, makers of Documents To Go, a Microsoft Office editor app for mobile devices, has confirmed that they are developing an application for the iPhone. The application would allow for editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your iPhone, or, presumably, your iPod Touch. According to a company representative, the application will likely be available in early 2009.

Yahoo leapfrogs To No. 2 Spot In Web Video

The latest video market share figures for September from Nielsen Online's VideoCensus have been leaked to Beet.TV, and they show a huge 56 percent jump from Yahoo to 264 million videos streamed during the month. Yahoo's share still pales next to YouTube's 5.3 billion streams. But it pumped out 95 million more streams than in August, when Yahoo was trailing Fox (i.e., MySpace), MSN, and Nickelodeon, according to Nielsen Online. And Yahoo attracted 10 million more individual viewers online, to 29.9 million. (Compare to comScore's Video Metrix numbers from July, which had Yahoo in the fourth spot).

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