Google threat to telcos - Newscorp brings digital ad services to India - WSJ invades NYTs turf - Facebook Twitter talks fail - Youtube live gets 700k

How Google is a threat to telcos
Google pressured the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to set aside the "C" Block (22MHz to 11MHz in the uplink and 11MHz in the downlink within the US 700MHz spectrum auctions) as an open-access spectrum. On November 5 2007, several technology and wireless companies jointly announced the formation of the OHA and the development of Android followed on November 12 2007, with a preliminary release of the Android SDK, as part of Google's $10 million developer challenge.

News Corp brings its digital ad services to India

Fox Interactive, the digital arm of News Corp, has rolled out its digital advertising services in India with the launch of its online ad network, called .FoxNetworks. Worldwide, .FoxNetworks offers its services to brands such as Sony, Nokia, Coca-Cola, LG, Dell, Sanyo, Ford, DHL, McDonald's, Motorola, Barclays, Singapore Tourism Board, P&G and Volkswagon.

Facebook Tried to Buy Twitter for $500M in Stock

The deal apparently collapsed over the price, and a desire by Twitter's management and investors to further build its business and revenues. "It's more about timing," one person familiar with Twitter's motivations told All Things D. "There is a strong feeling that there is still an opportunity -- even with the economic downturn -- to blow this thing out."

YouTube Live Event Attracts 700K Concurrent Viewers

The first live-streaming event offered by Google's YouTube over the weekend -- YouTube Live -- was watched by about 700,000 concurrent viewers at its peak, TechCrunch reported, citing Akamai data. The event featured a mix of both top-selling artists, like Akon and, and YouTube stars like Soulja Boy and Esmee Denters.

The Future of Social Networking : special report
A rising tide of companies are tapping Semantic Web technologies to unearth hard-to-find connections between disparate pieces of online data

Microsoft To Rebrand Search. Will It Be Kumo?

Microsoft is once again rebranding its search engine, TechCrunch says, citing a Microsoft source. The software giant plans to rename Windows Live Search sometime early next year, and "Kumo", a Japanese word meaning "cloud" or "spider" is apparently the frontrunner, according to the blog LiveSide. Microsoft recently purchased the domain name.

BBC local news sites rejected

The BBC has dropped plans to launch a network of local news websites, following opposition from Ofcom and newspapers publishers. The plans were rejected by the BBC Trust, the governing body of the BBC which acts on behalf of license fee payers to ensure the corporation fulfils its role as a public broadcaster.

WSJ Invades NYT's Ad Turf

Competition between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal is heating up as the U.S economy sours. The Journal's expanded news coverage and new lifestyle magazine are starting to attract wealthy consumers and luxury advertisers from the NYT, such as Saks, a Times advertiser since 1924. Dolce & Gabbana SpA and LVMH Moet Hennessy have also started advertising in the Journal. Circulation at both papers is also shifting. The Journal's average individually paid circ rose 2.4% to 1.4 million as of September, compared to a year ago, per the ABC. The Times' slid 5.5% to 858,985 on that basis.



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