Yahoo Alliances With JS-Kit, Launches Major Challenge To Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect

Data portability is the name of the game that everybody wishes to become part of it these days. From OpenID to Facebook Connect to Google Friend Connect, there are more and more ways to use a single login and make your information available anywhere on the web. And today, the latest to join the race is: Yahoo Updates, which became the latest to compete with more than 600,000 websites today with the launch of a new partnership with commenting infrastructure company JS-Kit.

Yahoo Updates is lifting the curtain in a big way by partnering with JS-Kit, a service identified as a "distributed social network connecting more than 600,000 sites," which powers comments and ratings on sites like AOL and Sun Microsystems. Sites on these network employing the JS-Kit comment widget are already hooked in to Yahoo Updates, enabling users to publish stories and comments from around the web onto their Yahoo Updates feed. more 

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