Facebook Forced By Angry Users To Change Redesign

Facebook was forced to respond to widespread criticism over its latest redesign by saying it will make yet more changes in an attempt to appease angry users. As VentureBeat's Eric Eldon points out, the scale of the dissatisfaction with the redesign hasn't been clear, although more than 1 million users have expressed opposition. Facebook has nearly 200 million users worldwide.

Yesterday's announcement doesn't mean that Facebook will revert back to the previous design, however. But, as Eldon says, the changes "should make some new features more accessible to most users." Significantly, Faceboook will refine what information appears in users' news feeds, emphasizing photos that they are tagged in, for instance. Users will also have more control over what kind of information appears in the "stream" (as Facebook is now calling it) from both users and third party applications. Real-time updates are also coming soon, Eldon says. more

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