Social Media Becomes Prevalent in China

Eighty percent of respondents describe the Internet in China as social, according to "Media Shifts to Social: China," released by Netpop Research. The report is part of the Netpop Connect series, which follows a report released on the U.S. audience earlier this month.

Broadband penetration in China totals 243 million for users age 13 and above. Of those, 224 million, or 92 percent, contribute to social media. That's compared to 105 million Americans, or 76 percent of the U.S. broadband population. Social media activities are defined as uploading audio, video, posting to a wiki, publishing a blog, uploading photos or a podcast, publishing a Web site, tagging articles or videos, posting to a microblog, sending or forwarding e-mail, living in a virtual world, posting to a blog or forum, rating or reviewing a product, sharing files on a P2P network, or using social networking sites to publish personal pages. more

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