Unilever Uses Faux-Flash Technology for Ads on iPhone

Axe Experiments With a 'Work-around' to Run Mobile Game Units. For all the cool things the iPhone can do, running Flash -- a platform that displays interactive graphics and animations -- isn't one of them. But Greystripe isn't waiting around for Apple and Adobe, Flash's maker, to work things out. The mobile in-game ad network in November developed a work-around program that replicates the PC Flash experience on the iPhone. And data from the first full-scale campaign using the 3-month-old ad format -- a push for Unlilever's Axe brand -- show that a rich, multimedia user experience can make an impression. Male grooming brand Axe wanted to be hip and speak to its audience of men 18 to 24 through unconventional channels. It was committed to adapting its existing and successful online web asset, "Dirty Night Determinator," a Flash-based gaming unit, to run on the iPhone. In December, it became the first advertiser to run a full-scale, Flash-simulating iPhone campaign, bringing its online ad to users of the Apple handset.

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