Google Execs on Trial Over Bully Video

Four Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) executives are on trial and facing jail time this week in Italy, over the 2006 posting of a video of four bullies taunting a boy with Down syndrome. The three-minute cellphone video, shot in a Turin classroom, culminated with the 17-year-old boy being hit with a tissue box. One of the bullies posted it to Google Video's Italian site in September 2006, and all four have since been punished. Google quickly removed the video after receiving complaints, but Milan public prosecutor Francesco Cajani argues that it never should have been posted at all, leveling criminal charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data against David Drummond, Google's SVP and chief legal officer; former CFO George Reyes; Peter Fleischer, global privacy counsel; and one more unidentified exec from the Google Video team in London.

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