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Jerry Yang's mail to staff
10% of you are fired

Apple's shares have slid more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year, and going forward, Apple's forecast is particularly foggy with CEO Steve Jobs admitting he doesn't know "how this economic downturn will effect Apple." The company posted revenues of $7.9 billion compared to the $8.02 billion that analysts expected. Net profits of $1.14 billion, or $1.26 a share, exceeded expectations of $1.10. In the year ago period, the company earned $904 million, or $1.01, on $6.22 billion in revenues.

T-Mobile USA Inc. began offering the G1, made by Taiwan's HTC Corp., at its store on the city's Market Street at 6 p.m. The launch attracted a queue of about 150 people and was headed by Christopher Laddish, a student who had been waiting since 8 a.m. to buy the phone.

Nokia's $250 million venture capital arm invested in China's mobile advertiser Madhouse, marking its first deal in the mainland, executives said on Tuesday. Nokia Growth Partners was established in 2004 by its parent and is still wholly owned by Nokia, targetting mobile technology, services and media.

Editorial functions combined; 19 positions eliminated company-wide

YourMinis was a start-page service like no other, but its feature richness and happy users fall victim to the cold business logic that so many cool startups face after being acquired. YourMinis is now primarily used to power advertising widgets for AOL, a practice that will continue but pales in comparison to the beautiful topical pages its users built with the full service over the last several years.

The airline complains that when computer users enter American's trademark terms such as AAdvantage, the name of its frequent-flier program, in a search they can be directed to competitors who pay Yahoo for the traffic

Nearly two-thirds of Internet users likely to click on online ads were weekly or daily visitors to the Website where the ad appeared; only 15% were first-time visitors and 6% went to the site sporadically.

Agencies and ad networks came in for some rough treatment at a CMO roundtable during the Association of National Advertisers' annual conference on Saturday as executives vented their dissatisfaction with agency models and ad-network performance. The chief marketing officers of Hewlett-Packard and Charles Schwab openly mulled the attractiveness of bypassing agencies to work directly with media companies and other experiments as they look to fix an agency model they see as broken.

Mr. Newman's desk was one of those plastic, poolside tables, with the umbrella up. According to the nameplate, his title was "assistant lifeguard on duty." My fondest memory was a small sign tacked to the wall that read: "'You can get straight A's in marketing and still flunk ordinary life.' ~ Paul Newman to Lee Iacocca after his Ford Pinto caught fire."


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