Tribune drops AP, google accepts Gambling ads, talkbiznow challenges linkedin, Yahoo starts an Ad blitz, Ipint sued

iPint sued by iBeer for $12.5 mn. check the video  
iBeer cites revenue loss and willful copyright infringement in Beattie McGuinness Bungay's iPint app for Carling in massive suit; small Swedish developer may be left holding the bag

In case you missed their recent announcement about Flash, Google and Adobe have teamed up on a new algorithm to index text content in Flash. As a result of the new algorithm for Flash, Googlebot now indexes "textual content in SWF files of all kinds" and extracts URLs embeded in Flash."

India is the 7th largest spam sender in the world, according to Trend Micro Inc., a global leader in Internet content security. India is the leader among Asian countries in spam, accounting for more than 4 percent of the total global spam. It is ahead of other Asian countries such as China (3.39 percent), Republic of Korea (2.57 percent) and Thailand (2.04 percent). Asia contributes 16.57 percent of the global spam volume.

After posting better-than-expected Q3 results, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) could be in line for a revenue jackpot after allowing gambling adverts in the UK from today in its search results for the first time since a self-imposed ban in 2004. Google's industry leader for entertainment and media James Cashmore told he hoped that change would "enhance the search experience for users and help advertisers connect with interested consumers" Of course, It will also make a shed-load of money—as much as £100 million extra in ad revenue by the FT's estimate. 

Blinkx, Mahalo, Cuil

Google has invested over $80 million dollars in forex trading hedges to offset the strengthening dollar against the global currencies many of their advertisers are paying them in.

Tribune Company has given a two-year notice to the Associated Press that its daily newspapers plan to drop the news service, becoming the first major newspaper chain to do so since the recent controversy over new rates began.

The BBC is encouraging TV and set-top box makers to adopt an open IPTV platform it hopes to develop. Confirming details of the rumoured Project Canvas at Cannes' Mipcom conference Wednesday, future media and technology director Erik Huggers said Auntie is mulling building an "open industry standard" that would put web video on the lounge TV. Crucially, it would allow rival program-makers to add their own content, too.

The site provides a free online work place for business professionals, and has a suite of useful office tools such as free web conferencing facilities that are not available on any other site of its kind.

Yahoo is launching an eight-week ad campaign to spread the message that Yahoo search is better — and safer — than Google and other rivals. 


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