Linkedin debuts b2b network, Gates starts a new co, Google promotes G1 on home page, Yammer earns, Plastic newspaper in UK, Getty buys Jupiter Images

Comcast to offer faster Internet service at speeds upto 50 mbps  
The nation's largest cable operator and residential Internet service provider will offer speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, which would enable users to download a high-definition movie in 16 minutes and a standard-definition movie in 5 minutes.
The LinkedIn Research Network has already partnered with six market research firms--including Phoenix Marketing International and OTX--to conduct targeted B2B primary research among its network of some 30 million professionals worldwide. "B2B market research is a $100* million dollar industry, and we feel we can become a leading provider of that data," said Dan Shapero, director of business services for the LinkedIn Research Network. 

Public documents describe the new Gates entity -- bgC3 LLC -- as a "think tank." It's housed within a Kirkland office that the Microsoft co-founder established on his own after leaving his day-to-day executive role at the company this summer.

Google has added the following text to its U.S. home page: "New! The G1 is on sale now. Learn about the phone." 

Google says developers will be able to keep 70 percent of the revenue, and the remaining amount goes to carriers and billing settlement fees. Most interesting to note, Google does not take a percentage. This is completely backwards from what Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) does today, which gives developers 70 percent and keeps 30 percent for themselves. Over and over, people have pondered what a carrier's incentive will be to adopt the Android platform, well, folks, here's your answer. Google explains: "We believe this revenue model creates a fair and positive experience for users, developers, and carriers." Of course, Google is hoping to capitalize on the growing mobile advertising opportunity on the phone.

Yammer tweaks the question, asking, "What are you working on?" The goal, said its chief executive, David Sacks, is to make offices more productive. People on Yammer update colleagues on company events or ask work-related questions without clogging e-mail boxes with mass mailings.

Google is so confident that its InVideo Ads -- those semi-transparent/animated overlays it launched on YouTube last year -- are game changers, the company is turning to brainwave researchers to prove their effectiveness. The search giant -- in conjunction with MediaVest -- has partnered with NeuroFocus, a researcher that specializes in biometrics, to gauge both how users respond to InVideo ads and how well those ads complement traditional banner ads. NeuroFocus specializes

"The device looks just like a table mat and it's as light as a magazine. But onto it you can download hundreds of newspapers and - at the touch of a button - browse through them quite safely, without elbowing anyone ever again [in a crowded commuter train]," the BBC reported on its website.

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Digital photograph and online media powerhouse Getty Images announced its plans to acquire Jupitermedia Corp.'s online images business, Jupiterimages, for $96 million in cash, the company said Thursday.

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