Intel apologieses, Q3 click fraud at 16%, Display pricing down

Intel issues apology over iPhone remarks 
The executives, speaking at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, claimed the iPhone suffers from slow browsing because it uses an ARM processor instead of an Intel chip. Apple laptops and desktops use Intel processors so it pays to apologize.

Small Brands Teach Big Lessons  
For some small companies, social media has proven to be a godsend of low-cost, effective brand building. Take Bacon Salt, an unlikely product dreamed up last year after a night out drinking by two Seattle buddies. What began as a half-joking idea -- what if there was a spice that made everything taste like bacon -- soon became a bustling business that's sold 600,000 units in 18 months, thanks mostly to the harnessing of the word-of-mouth power of social media.
The average click-fraud rate for Q3 2008 held steady overall at 16%, but a 10% rise in botnet activity - and a 28% overall click-fraud rate from botnets - is potentially undermining ad-industry efforts to combat click fraud, according to figures from Click Forensics' Click Fraud Index, MarketingCharts reports.

Online ad prices consistently declined in 2008, falling 21% since Q2 and 27% since Q1, with small sites and some verticals most affected by the faltering economy, according to the PubMatic AdPrice Index for Q3 2008, writes MarketingCharts. 

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