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3G enters India with MTNL launch
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh put the country on the global 3G map on thursday when he launched the services on the state owned MTNL network in Delhi. The 3G platform will enable telcos to offer high-end services such as high-speed internet, video conferencing on mobiles, interactive gaming, ultra fast downloads of video and music clips amongst other services. The PM also witnessed for sometime a live telecast of the India-England Test match on a mobile handset using 3G services.

PlayStation Home opens its doors
Sony's long awaited next-gen social networking site for PlayStation users goes into open beta today. PlayStation Home will let gamers create their own avatar -a virtual representation of themselves - and then interact with other users in a 3D environment. Players can chat to other users, invite them into their own "home", and will soon be able to stream music and video.

CBS to Merge, CNET Newsrooms
CBS, which acquired CNET Networks for $1.8 billion in May, plans to merge its and CNET newsrooms, and in the process lay off an unknown number of staffers. It's not clear whether the company's and sites will also be combined, although CBS Interactive CEO Quincy Smith told PaidContent back in June that " is the pre-eminent place for tech news to date. We don't want to disturb that."

Walmart's Revivals of AC/DC, Others Are Reviving Music Industry
The world's biggest retailer has taken bands that seemed well past their prime and put their new releases at the top of the charts. That has created a new business model that has opened a new revenue stream for Walmart and promises -- at least for some bands -- a way out of the music industry's download-fueled downward spiral.

Sony, EMI Join Forces With Musicane to Take Bite Out of Apple
Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Music -- the world's second- and fourth-largest record companies -- have reached deals with social-shopping company Musicane to offer their digital song catalogues for sale online through widgets. The move reflects a record industry that's trying to loosen Apple's vise-like grip on the digital-music category. Musicane has the added advantage of being able to offer additional money to artists who use its widgets on their own websites or blogs: An extra 5% of gross sales receipts is paid to whoever has installed the widget on a website, blog or social-network page. If that person is the artist, he or she will earn the 5%.

Gannett Says Now Is the Time to Invest in Digital, Launches ContentOne
The company described its digital business as "profitable," and predicts it will bring in between $700 and $725 million through its digital properties next year. Building on its acquisition of rich media ad tech firm PointRoll in 2005, Gannett enhanced its digital infrastructure this year by launching a series of local mom-centric social sites, buying in total the online shopping circular company ShopLocal, gaining a controlling stake in jobs classifieds site Careerbuilder, and acquiring social media services firm Ripple6.

Gmail Enables SMS Messaging From Chat
Only a few days after the launch of its new task manager, Gmail has introduced a new feature allowing users to send free SMS messages through its integrated Chat. To activate the feature, visit the Gmail Labs page and scroll down until you see the appropriate listing.

Microsoft Lags Behind Mobile Rivals
Microsoft's mobile strategy is on the rocks, says BusinessWeek's Olga Kharif. In the third quarter, rival Apple shipped more iPhones than the 56 smartphone makers that create Windows Mobile-powered phones combined, according to research firm Canalys. In the past year, Windows Mobile has slid from being the world's second most popular mobile operating system to the No. 4 spot, behind Nokia's Symbian, Apple's OS X and Research in Motion's BlackBerry. To make matters worse, Google's Android operating system has been met with popular demand, causing a host of new carriers and handset makers to sign-up for making mobile devices that run on the Windows Mobile rival.

Big investor shows how Yahoo could structure search deal with Microsoft
"We envision a deal whereby Microsoft would acquire all of Yahoo's search assets and enter into a perpetual agreement for Microsoft to be the search provider for all Yahoo properties. In this deal, Microsoft would own and operate the combined search platform while Yahoo would become an affiliate that retains 80% of the revenues generated from the search traffic on its own sites. In addition, Microsoft would become the search engine for Yahoo's existing search affiliates. This deal would offer Microsoft the unique opportunity to immediately gain critical mass to better level the playing field with Google, while it would simultaneously allow Yahoo to both receive a sizable upfront cash payment and increase its prospective cash flow (i.e., EBITDA).

According to Nielsen, ChaCha is the fastest growing SMS mobile search service
According to Nielsen, ChaCha is the fastest growing SMS mobile search service for the second consecutive quarter, capturing more than 28 percent of the market. ChaCha is speeding past Yahoo SMS and gaining significant ground on Google SMS. For advertisers looking for an effective way to reach their target demographic with low risk and high ROI, the mobile search and answers space will be an important space to watch in 2009.


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